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The Ramblings of a Frustrated Engineer

My professional life has taken me far away from my college years where I could smell hot solder, endlessly apply Laplace Transforms, struggle with the unforgiving world of embedded software, and feel the magic of an oscilloscope you final got to work … sort of.

Also, those college year gave me a sense of creativity and discovery that I continue to crave and nurture.  It was all new to me and every step of the journey gave me an opportunity to create something, even if that thing was simply an abstract concept residing in my head.

As my professional career moved me into management positions,  it moved me further from the hands on and creative side. So instinctively, I gravitated towards things like woodworking and wood turning.  Work in my off hours with my hands, instead of my head and people, has proven to be a very satisfying journey.  My professional life hasn’t been unfulfilled, far from it, but it does leave some passions unsatisfied.  So this is my effort to return to the past and to feed my creative side.

Temporally (I think, who know how long), I have set aside my passion for working in wood and now turn to electronics.  The release of the Raspberry Pi sparked a renewed interest in electronic, something that I tinkered when I left college.  I was shocked by what $35 could get you and even more shocked by the robustness of the maker community.  I was hooked.

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  1. Jack says:

    Read your post with great interest and wanted to wish you much.success with your new interest. You have wetted my interest in Rasberry Pi and I may have to follow your breadcrumbs.

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